Reach out with confidence across channels

This circulatory system of digital marketing connects you with your audience and builds your visibility. We are a content marketing agency India specializing marketing content through social media. We have subject specialists who work with our clients to understand their story and present their thoughts to the targeted social media audience in various effective formats. In Social Media marketing services, we do social media audit, strategy, plan and execute social media campaigns. SMM and SEO campaigns with definite goals and metrics are executed. Though we have customers in Retail and Manufacturing, most of our customers are from IT products industry. If you are looking for a Digital Marketing Agency for IT Products, we are your right choice!

addkraft helps plan and execute an integrated marketing communication along with social media channels. We believe in consistent campaigns that will connect with the target audience using concise and consistent messages to social media. addkraft?s marketing process include building custom databases, target lists, contact points, brand visualization, telesales collateral planning, email marketing, SEO, social media marketing, online direct marketing campaigns and building social media crowd. addkraft supports customers in understanding buyers? persona and helps chart out social media brand execution approach based on your budget.

To start a social media campaign, addkraft helps you assess the market to determine
Who is your target audience in various social media channels?
who is your competitor, and what the current market landscape looks like with respect to your product or service.
It also involves planning your act well and doing your homework before you jump into social media competition. Our strategic inputs will help you answer many questions, for instance:

  • Where in the market landscape do you want to compete?
  • What is your strategic value?
  • What are the skills, resources and capabilities that you utilize and would want your target audience to know?
  • How can you sustain your strategic positions?

At addKraft, a Digital Marketing Agency for IT Products and services, we are focused towards helping our customers build and manage social media campaigns, with in the ethical framework of social media policies and guidelines suitable for your business ecosystems.


  1. Market research
  2. Persona creation
  3. Social media approach mapping
  4. Content calendar creation
  5. Content plan implementation
  6. Digital event management
  7. Social media advertising
  8. Performance management