Lead Generation

Bringing potential buyers into the limelight!

Any business or a product owner would love to have lead generation engine and an any-time lead funnel with a set of predictive sales prospect. If it is predictive sales pipe, then there must be a set of guaranteed sales prospects leads, ideal prospects leads, near future sales leads and a target base leads that still to reach. All these category can be tracked in numbers and percentages, where predictability, transparency and trust on the campaign will be high. addKraft, a Digital Marketing Agency for Software products provides lead generation engine and outcomes with a predictable and guaranteed sales conversions. With the help of advanced b2b lead generation applications and tools, at any point of time, our customers can view Ideal prospects with $$ million worth of sales in 6 months, guaranteed prospects for your offering $$ of sales in next stage of 12 months and $$ million worth of sales on the table in three months.

From building contact databases to nurturing relationships we apply rights tools, applications and performance metrics. Establishing your business credibility with potential and actual buyers is the key execution. addKraft as a Digital Marketing Agency for Software products, provide sales ready leads for IT products and IT services companies. These leads will be generated through our digital content planning, digital marketing execution and content focused b2b lead generation engine. Our content approach includes a variety of pull and push content execution (e.g., blog posts, video marketing, personalized emailers, online banners, online marketing collaterals, social media trust-building, crowd building).

If you are outsourcing your lead generation process, addKraft can support with tested and proven b2b lead generation process. Our customers can focus on their core business competencies of building their product! If you work with a domain rich and digital content based lead generation process and team, success rate will be high. This outsourced lead generation helps you in maintaining your business momentum whether you are in rapid growth stage or facing business fluctuations and competitive pressures.

  1. Lead generation strategy
  2. Content execution
  3. Content outreach
  4. Build crowd
  5. Analyze and drill down the crowd
  6. Mapping the right people
  7. Lead nurturing
  8. Kindling a desire to buy