Enabling Digital Sales

Holistic online sales transformations

Marketing guru’s will always says this to sellers. Don’t sell your product, instead provide a buying experience to your audience, they will buy. So how to provide a buying experience and it must be, a positive experience of their lifetime, so that recommendations, referrals and word of mouth and loyalty builds. What is the role of engaging content in this sales process experience? addKraft provides digital sales services by providing digital content marketing processes. In B2B marketing also considers personalized sales interactions. Our process starts from go-to-market planning to personalized online sales force engagement. As a digital marketing agency in Chennai, we work with online product sales, preferably technology products, where content plays a significant role in attracting and retaining the customers.

Our digital sales process covers marketing strategy, content strategy, conversion metrics and performance analytics. Followed by
1. Crafting value proposition content as per the marketing and content strategy, that will help you connect with your target audience.

2.Build brand visibility digitally.
3. Nurture and Generate marketing leads through b2b marketing process engine.
4. Generate a predictable and visible lead funnel and sales conversions. Performance analysis and re-marketing.

We differentiate in the market with respect to our strength in terms of crafting value proposition and different types of content creation for different marketing and sales stages and buying behavior of the target audience.
Our key approach is VALUE mapping process and value crafting for the products and services. Our competence is understanding the ” craftsmen ” who makes products or deliver services and formulate different value building measures so that their customers will be get a full insight and able to obtain the value made by the original craftsmen. There is a need for someone to hold the inborn value and intrinsic value to pass on to the employees, customers and other stakeholders of an organization.

We have recognized the need and we help organizations and their teams to assist them with developing their clear cut value proposition, different content types and finally a go-to-market planning and execution.

  1. Go-to-market strategy
  2. Online sales process mapping
  3. Funnel management
  4. Customer acquisitions
  5. Customer activation
  6. Customer retention
  7. Revenue management
  8. Revenue management
  9. Consumer community management