Do you have your go-to-market strategy prepared? Get it right – right from the start!


Go-To-Market digitally : Any marketing investment expects a high return on investments with minimal total cost of ownership. At addKraft’s it is our goal to get sync with our customer’s ROI expectation even from the early phase of execution. Our digital marketing services showcase its uniqueness.
We are a digital marketing company in Chennai, focusing and special attention to strategic content marketing. We are specialists in crafting contextual and strategic content that will form the backbone of our campaigns. Our execution process starts with value mapping, then crafting value proposition that will convincingly convey the multiple values. Then the crafting work starts from crafting values from organization’s vision and its business purpose. Further value mapping goes into its innovations, people, technology, products and services. The relevance and uniqueness of these values will be conveyed to the audience and prospects them through our lead-prospecting funnel. The type digital marketing campaign efforts can be to build awareness in the market; building brand recall programs, market research programs, sales lead generation and online sales generate programs. Irrespective of the type of campaign, the content-based campaign efforts will give business organizations, and its leaders a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace. addKraft supports business houses in achieving this goal.
Digital marketing strategy is all about planning and mapping the why, what, and how of all your efforts. Addkraft, digital marketing company in Chennai specialize in Go To Market planning, digital marketing services execution. We apply marketing planning techniques, test marketing, surveys, audit checks, and derive the best marketing plan based on the budget. It will co cover the documentation of the Strategy, planning, budgets, marketing calendar and best practices. This is followed by Go to market readiness that covers 100 plus types digital content assets such as product page, lead page, posters, banners, brochure, flyers, case studies, videos and blog articles.

  1. Evaluation of business in terms of specific product/service
  2. Marketing goals for the product/service
  3. Market review to assess digital opportunities
  4. Target market and competitor analysis
  5. Stage-wise mapping
  6. Documentation of best practices
  7. Metrics mapping – from TAT to KPI