Say it loud and clear with great content!

Focused content tells your story to your audience, promoting engagement and establishing your brand. We specialize content marketing India, as our core focus with expertise in crafting content that will help our customers connect with their target audience through websites, blogs, and social media. With a strong content expertise in hand; we are a content marketing agency, having content specialists who work with our clients to understand their business story. We craft and present their thoughts to the audience in various effective content formats. Our key vertical focus areas are Healthcare, Manufacturing, eCommerce and execute b2b marketing campaigns.
B2B content marketing has its own uniqueness, especially when the customers are from IT, Software and Manufacturing, where technology and engineering domain plays loads of dominance. At addKraft we are familiar with technology domains, related segments and we understand their psyche. We know what kind of strategy these companies’ business practices, business processes and their each stakeholder’s expectations. b2b stake holders and decision makers are well- informed. Their decisions are based detailed evaluation criteria’s and it is not just on the brand. They will do significant research on the product that they intent to procure. If you want to connect with these buyers, at each stages of sales cycle, marketers need to provide continuous customer engagement with the buyers. At the any point of time, buyers need specific answers. The content marketing agency must churn out quality content solution continuous customer engagement and support this b2b sales process.

Our agency consultants specialized in executing digital content marketing campaigns can support your lead to order process. Our digital engagement starts from strategy then to lead nurturing, lead prospecting and sales conversion. We will execute these campaigns in tandem with your marketing and sales process. We design our strategy-content-execution framework after understanding your sales process and your buyer’s decision-making process. This makes us stand apart from other content marketing agency.

  1. 100+ content formats – from blog posts to whitepapers
  2. End-to-end packages – from websites to brochures
  3. Video-fortified content
  4. Content stories through images
  5. Personalized strategic content
  6. Persona-based blog content
  7. Tone-focused content
  8. Keywords-based SEO content