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Customized approaches to identify and connect with key audience within specific accounts. As a content marketing agency, our expertise is in content. This expertise further strengthen our Account based marketing services. Our Account based marketing services is for b2b companies, where we have done digital marketing campaigns with b2b lead generation engine. The campaign was digital marketing for IT products, where we need to do extensive research on the account. This includes company business analysis, opportunity analysis, contact mapping, followed by contact marketing, laser focused personalized value proposition within an organization and generate leads nurturing and sales. We market research reports, online databases, business analysis reports and prepare account based marketing reports. This account based reports will used for prospecting and lead nurturing marketing programs. In b2b lead generation, specific marketing collaterals, convincing materials such as case studies, white paper, comparative documents, product or project feasibility, value proposition matrix’s and ROI sheets are made at each touch points of lead nurturing to sales. This lead to order sales process in a Account based marketing, can be have its excellence only if it properly supported by a strategic content marketing framework.

Small and medium organizations can execute their Account based go-to-market plan by developing right content marketing strategy. Strategy-Content-Execution excellence must be in tandem with the organization’s business vision and goals. A content strategy that envelopes the organization’s unique differentiator and compelling value proposition.

Differentiators are most powerful tool to get attention and key factor for buying decision. It is so unique so that, decision makers can not keep away while assessing and evaluating the purchase decisions. Identifying target buyers, mapping the persons and their buying behaviors, crafting laser focused value propositions tailored to personas involved in the buying process and ensuring buyers realize the value perceived during the buying process.

  1. Gathering account intelligence
  2. Account strategy and tactics
  3. Metric and goal definition
  4. Content creation
  5. Content distribution
  6. Account engagement
  7. Building relationships
  8. Measurement of results