content writing for ecommerce

Content writing for eCommerce websites is a unique service? – Content for eCommerce companies

E-commerce Companies and their websites – How to Write Persuasive and Meaningful Content? Managing an e-commerce website is an uphill task, but writing persuasive content writing for eCommerce, requires a cohesive bent of mind. The e-commerce industry has boomed over the past decade. With the market share expected to increase by US$120 billion by 2020,

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Strategic Go to market

Strategic go to market – collaboration with different marketing experts of brands

  Marketing collaboration ( co-branding and co-marketing )  is not a new trend in strategic go to market thinking. But collaborating for expertise is new and its being followed by both start-ups and other multi-national companies. In order to improve the sales and bring in more productivity and efficiency for the firm brands push marketing collaboration

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market and competitor research

Market and Competitor Research: The Strongest Foundation That Your B2B Content Marketing High Rise Needs

If you are into b2b marketing and are looking forward to going ahead with your focused campaigns, you definitely need to start with some solid market and competitor research.  Every great move needs the foundation of some focused homework. In B2B content marketing, this homework involves deep-diving into your core market and competitor landscape. This

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digital marketing strategy

How to create a powerful digital marketing strategy that tells your story to the right audience at the right time

Crafting a smart digital marketing strategy in a B2B ecosystem is definitely challenging. But the scenario gets further complicated when you are at the strategizing your digital marketing approach for your IT company.  The rules have changed significantly for the B2B marketer in the digital era and the methodology is a lot different from the

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