If you ask CEO’s who has outsourced their digital marketing process, and why it failed? They will say that, “they don’t know about our industry works. Our industry is different, our business process are different from others”. Why do marketers require domain knowledge such as Retail Banking, Process Manufacturing, Discrete Manufacturing, Healthcare provider and Software product industry? Why do they require knowledge about the industry? Yes, It’s true. A campaign fails, if marketers do not know how their customers’ Industry works. If you find out the reason for successful marketers and campaigns, one of the key reasons will be specialization or domain focus of the digital marketers. addKraft a digital marketing agency in Chennai, specializes b2b digital marketing for a definite set of verticals and segments.

We have a few Industry consultants as advisors. They develop business strategy for digital marketing and sales processes in tandem with the customer’s business goals and vision. They create a possible business ecosystem and profitable revenue generation models and business expansion for a selected Industry vertical.

Ours is start-up organization, a digital marketing agency in Chennai and our esteemed customers are from Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Information technology. Our b2b digital marketing process is tested and proven to Healthcare, Retail, IT products and services companies. Majority of our customers are those who are looking for genuine and original content to enable their sales. Our customers choose us for original persona-based content, sales-stages-based content, strategic content, and SEO content for their marketing operations. We will understand their business and step by step move into their sales process. We at addKraft focus on building visibility and business expansion Information technology products & consulting companies in the areas of BFSI, Retail, Education, Manufacturing & Healthcare. We execute digital marketing campaigns for b2b and b2c process.

If a product owner has a vision to build a brand, If he/she is having a particular product or service or some niche areas or any specific geography that needs digital presence and ranking in search engines, we as a potential marketing partner can seamlessly transition your vision into reality in a short time.

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