Assessing performance of a marketing agency

A successful or performing marketing agency or an internal marketing team that does digital marketing of any organization must deliver magnificent, yet measurable, experiences through a wide variety of techniques and strategies. These are sweet words, however achieving the planned goals without changing the milestones is referred as performance or ‘excellence’ again sweet word!.

The team has to establish lasting online brand presence by keeping pace with the target customers’ rapidly changing expectations.

Key work areas to play: A performing digital marketing agency will have an extensive range of service options such as web design and development, social media marketing, online advertising, search engine optimization, branding and identity, mobile applications, and influencer marketing

They must have experience in delivering the right balance of content, look and feel, personalized communication, and influence through application of tools and platforms such as Hubspot, Marketo, Optimove and Eloqua.

Data insights serve as valuable tools in measuring and predicting return on investment (ROI), as well as optimizing marketing operations by juggling an increasingly diverse media mix. They should be able to provide managing cross-channel campaigns and the associated complexities.

There are Hubspot, Marketo, Optimove and Eloqua cloud-based interactive marketing platform serves as effective brand enablers. The platform provides a robust framework that engages with customers, delivers interactive experiences, aggregates extensive volumes of data to deliver comprehensive insights

The core: Digital marketing is all about creating enduring, effervescent experiences across the digital space.  Agencies through digital marketing services effectively build trusted connections with the target audience, firmly establishing the brand identity and providing a dazzling experience worthy of trust. Web is the online play-field of every digital marketing initiative, with mobile-, social-, and location-based technologies empowering marketers more than ever before.

A performing digital marketing agency should be able to cover the entire digital journey – right from developing their unique digital strategies to implementing technology- and data-enabled connectivity solutions.

Creativity & design: With the help of design companies or internal team , a performing digital marketing agency do multimedia design: Here application advanced tools such as Adobe, 3D Max for virtual reality support in creating remarkable user experiences. Multimedia design brings together the best of creativity and technology for brand elevation.

Interactive content: It must have Interactive content. The team must be able to integrate multiple formats of interactive content to connect effectively with the audience, who are at the center of every digital marketing initiative. Interactive content such as infographics, polls and quizzes, animations, video and audio streaming, and other app-enabled content communicates the brand’s value to the audience through active engagement and action-focused communication.

Technology & Content: A performing digital marketing agency with the help of technology companies, design and management of mobile and social content development: Mobile technology and social media ushered in a new era of networking. Digital marketing hence takes complete advantage of both these sources to reach out to its target audience. Many examples of mobile and social content development exist from bite-sized, SEO-enabled posts and tweets to content streaming and customer stories.

Digital marketing and analytics: One of the biggest challenges of digital marketing initiatives is managing the elephantine data generated through interaction with the target audience.

Right mix: The success depends on the application of right strategy, right content, tools  and cross-channel data insights provides valuable performance indicators of individual digital marketing initiatives and helps plan the future milestones of the roadmap.

Audience engagement: Optimized engagement with the target group across digital space:  Campaigns must be able to deliver optimized engagement with their target audience at a personalized level and ensures that the brand and its values establish an indelible connect with them.

Finally, what really matters is the ‘return on investment’ & the achievement of the set goals. If the so called ‘performing digital marketing agency’ or the internal digital marketing team blow down all the marketing budget and achieves an average performance, then it’s time to rethink all the steps the customer has taken & its accountability.

There is a huge challenge and risk for the customer in choosing and assessing a digital marketing agency!

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