3 Quick Tips for Delivering a Mind-Boggling Elevator Pitch

Your elevator pitch is one of the sharpest weapons in your revenue-generating arsenal. ?By now most of us know what an elevator pitch is all about. Yes, imagine getting into the elevator. You immediately realize that you are standing right next to one of the key decision makers of an organization you have been trying to reach out to for a long time. Wow, what an opportunity! But the bad news is that you have JUST 30 seconds to make your pitch and get him interested in the solution you are offering.

Just 30 seconds? What do you do? How can you get his attention? An elevator pitch is the best solution in such cases. But how do we get it right in 30 seconds? Let’s take a look.

Getting your elevator pitch right – a few tips

Conversation opener: Describe your company with zero jargon

The first words in your elevator pitch should be a short and unforgettable description of your business. Here comes the hard part: with no industry jargon.? Decorative and complicated terms make you regular and easily forgettable. Work hard to talk without jargon and make a memorable entry that’ll have them listening to you. This is the most critical part of your pitch – start with a shocking statement or an impressive single sentence that completely bowls over the listener. This part of your pitch needs a lot of research – it is your positioning, your differentiator, your winning point, and the main reason why the potential customer should choose only you! So do your homework well and prepare this opening pitch with focus.

Concentrate on your listeners and customers

Your elevator pitch should never be a me-me-me exercise. No one has the time or inclination to listen to a boring self-appreciation saga, even for 30 seconds. Describe what you do, from your customer’s point of view. Avoid overused, self maxims, else all you will get is a snort of sarcasm. Highlight their common pain point that your solution will eliminate. Provide clear data-backed facts and deliver a crisp description of your solution. Give just one differentiator and not an entire menu card of features. It will not register. Provide just a fleeting mention of a smart and prized case example. This will grab their attention.

Make them feel lucky!

At the end of the pitch, you must make you listeners feel lucky that they decided to share the elevator ride with you. Oh what an interesting opportunity! So, after your pitch, it’s absolutely essential that you pass the limelight to them and let them do the talking or, better, get their number! So, 30 seconds for a quick smart pitch is not such a bad idea after all, is it? This tool can be especially useful for digital marketing IT services and solutions, where you can use videos, short posts, emails, and even targeted ads to gain attention. But the approach is the same – start with a bang, go for a customer-centric pitch, focus on one critical differentiator, give easy-to-remember and effective statistics, and, most important, a super clear call to action!

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