Internet of Things in – Shaping the Future of Digital Marketing

Internet of Things

From the days of the past when the Internet was a less-established, magical element of technology to this day when it has spread its wings to reach far and wide, Internet has evolved into becoming one of the most effective means of connecting with prospective customers.

This technological disruption that led to the concept of digital marketing has brought another potential influencer to the limelight – it’s called the Internet of Things (IoT). Smart IoT devices are flooding our lives – from health assistants to smart home managers and smart city enablers. Digital marketing may well be the next stop for this technological marvel.

IoT connects devices and objects, enabling instant, personalized sharing of information. The core of digital marketing is information – data about target audience behavior, likes, and dislikes. This precious information helps organizations predict their audience’s next move and subliminally influence their decisions through targeted and personalized marketing. IoT wearables have the potential to provide precious support in capturing this data from every online interaction of their target audience.

The connected devices act as precious digital marketing tools to understand the target audience better, market at the right places and right times, and connect with potential customers.

Today, instead of choosing from a restricted set of available products and services that are bound by various factors, customers have the freedom to choose beyond boundaries, thanks to the Internet. The rules of the Internet are simple – if you don?t pay for something, then you are the product and not the customer. But how?

Facebook runs because of you, but only because you are the product they are selling to the various corporates who in turn pay for your attention. Each time you notice the ads and click on them, these companies have attracted a potential customer. Such instances contribute to extensive data on customer behaviour which is collected and analysed over time to understand your interests and choices. Ever observed you like most suggestions from Facebook? This is the foundation of the concept of IoT in digital marketing.

IoT toolsIoT is steadily catching the attention of digital marketing gurus with its endless possibilities. For example, if a prospective customer is in the vicinity of a specific store, the IoT sensors can trigger personalized online messages or campaigns attracting the target audience’s attention, exponentially increasing scope for customer engagement.

IoT holds the key to crack the mystery about customer choices, habits, likes, and necessities. But excessive information can amount to intrusion and lead to concerns on crossing the ethical boundaries of privacy.

Nevertheless, IoT is certainly opening up a plethora of opportunities for digital marketing experts to experiment with. IoT is definitely the rising star in the world of digital marketing – put on your seat belts and wait with baited breath for the next major disruption in digital marketing!

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