Social Media Marketing – Say “Aye, Aye Sir!” to the Captain of Your Digital Marketing Team

Social media’s influence on every waking, and possibly sleeping, moment of our life is astounding. With every alternate human being active on at least a dozen social media channels, the power of social media marketing to build and strengthen your brand identity is unfathomable. How about an example that can prove such a strong claim?

Red bull, a brand that has always invested in attractive social media marketing campaigns, did the smartest move of all with establishing their social media presence. They authenticated their robust market presence through Instagram when they released a teaser for their new product launch in the Australian market. The video with yellow filters gleaming the feeling of tropical summer gave an amazing push to the product and reached over 1.2 million views in no time. Their plan to harness the #thissummer worked in their favour and they took home the coveted prize of great success.

The list is tremendously long, with efforts like Virgin America gifting puppies through Facebook, the popular #like a girl campaign in YouTube, vines created by MTV, and hour of code by in LinkedIn demonstrating the brand-building power of social media platforms.

So, the most important element we need to create brilliant social media marketing campaigns is a fantastic sense of creativity and an endless thirst for spotting opportunities. Every consistent and smart effort that delivers engaging campaigns will definitely pave way for guaranteed digital marketing results.

Social media marketing – the new-age super power

Over the years, social media marketing has been happily witnessing an exponential increase in power, with brands from across all verticals making a beeline for diverse social media channels for campaigns aimed at different sectors of the target audience.

And why not? Every available social media statistics clearly indicate the influence each of these channels has on your target audience. Almost every number looks amazingly promising: Social media channels such as Facebook account for almost 50% of social media infatuation. Their engagement value with their audience runs into millions, with Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn being hot favourites. The wide age-group that these channels hold captives is also exciting – although 18-29 years seems to be the most popular age-group, the upper and lower extremes also seem to be almost equally engaged. Add to it the ever-expanding purchasing power of both the younger and older population – doesn’t that sound like a super exciting marketing strategy worth adopting?

With such a potential market waiting for you in the social media world, why not reap maximum benefits from this option? But this bed of roses does have some thorns too!

Social media marketing – worrisome challenges

With exciting opportunities comes cut-throat competition. Unfortunately, with almost every other brand jumping into the social media marketing race, the probability of being seen by the right target audience at the right time is key. Else a whole lot of investment spent in building brand visibility might just be an exercise of throwing investment down the drain.

This is an era of “experiences” – where it has become essential to make a consistent, remarkable impression with the audience across all digital channels -from the desktop to the smartphone and from Facebook to YouTube. However, delivering a consistent multi-channel experience can be quite an effort, with brands either sending out confusing, inconsistent messages or not using the right channel to reach out or, worse, focusing entirely on the wrong persona. A recent survey indicated that about 70% of people have poor brand experiences on social media.

All these concerns bring us to the question that’s looming large in all our minds: How can brands working with this powerful tool utilise it efficiently?

Some of these tips can help establish a good social media presence.

Establishing a grand social media presence

Simplicity: First, let go of ideas that involve complicated user experience. Instead, focus on concepts that attract your audience and give them a memorable experience. Simplicity is the key that can get you more than just a customer – a loyal advocate.

Go visual: Sew some visual content to make it more interesting.

Define your target audience: Narrow down your target and focus on capturing this specific audience across channels. A general campaign cannot work for everyone and such scattered messages are confusing.

Laser-sharp campaigns: Eliminate absurd campaigns that cannot converge to your business purpose. They might attract customers but never leave an impact of your product with them.

Measure and iterate: the most important step is to observe your ad success meticulously. It can help understand your audience opinion and play the base for future work.


Remember, your target audience has made social media their favourite and, possibly permanent, playfield. Hence to make yourself noticeable, you certainly need to be an ace player delivering exactly what your audience is looking for. Good luck with your social media marketing adventures!


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